6 facts you didn’t know about Neum

6 facts you didn’t know about Neum

In the bay of Neumski and Malostonski kanal (channel), there is an idyllic green oasis, the place of crystal clear sea, a perfect Mediterranean climate and kind people.

It is about Neum town whose beauty and uniqueness has been recognized by people from all over the world who choose this town more and more as their holiday destination.

In addition to the natural beauties and cultural and historical sights, the mysterious Neum also has many interesting things you might not have heard about. Below we have decided to list 6 interesting facts about this special South Adriatic city.


  1. A large number of sunny hours

After the island of Hvar, which is the place with the largest number of sunny hours per year, it comes Neum town which, due to its mild Mediterranean climate, also has enviable summer and winter temperatures.

High summer air temperatures also affect the sea temperature, so you will have the opportunity to swim in the sea, whose temperature rises to incredible 32 degrees!


  1. Ideal position and excellent traffic connection

You probably already know that Neum is the only exit of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Adriatic Sea, but did you know that Dubrovnik is only 65 km away from Neum, Mostar and Međugorje 70 km and Metković and Ploče only 30 km away?

Thanks to the vicinity of well-known tourist destinations and the excellent connections to the air, road and rail routes, Neum has developed excellent year-round tourism.


  1. The traces of life since the ancient stone age

A sufficient amount of water and ideal air temperature were recognized even in the Paleolithic when the people of this time have decided to find their safe place in the karst of Neum’s caves.

Because of this, you have the opportunity to visit prehistoric settlements where you will encounter numerous interesting details and remnants of distant past.


  1. Calm sea

If you don’t prefer big waves and restless sea, then Neum is the perfect location for you.

Thanks to the Pelješac Peninsula, the gulf in Neum is closed and protected from the winds, making the sea more peaceful in this area than in other coastal places.


  1. Cheap accommodation

Neum is today a real urban environment with an exceptionally rich tourist offer. Campsites, hotels, apartments, top restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, numerous events, various sports and water activities are the reasons why the number of tourists in this beautiful, small town grows year after year.

But despite all the qualities, Neum offers quite cheap accommodation. Prices are much cheaper than in other coastal towns, so in the heart of the season here you will be able to spend only 10-20 euros for apartments and only 55 euros for hotels.


  1. City of songs and fun

It is no news that during the summer season, in almost all tourist destinations, various events and attractions are organized in order to make holidays even better.

However, unlike most destinations where festivals and events last for a week or two, the “Neum Summer” event lasts for the entire season. Various cultural and entertainment events are held – from gallery exhibitions, literary evenings to ethnic festivals and folklore evenings.

In addition, at almost every beach is playing live music, so here you will definitely have the chance to feel a wonderful atmosphere.

Whether you come in June, July or August, a good time in Neum is guaranteed!


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