Take advantage of your vacation in Neum to visit Dubrovnik

Take advantage of your vacation in Neum to visit Dubrovnik

Neum is a small, charming tourist destination located in the southern part of the Adriatic, which is attracting an increasing number of tourists every year because of the beauty and quality that it offers.

Neum has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, the summers are extremely hot, while the winters are relatively mild and short for which Neum can boast as the second place on the Adriatic with the largest number of sunny days of the year.

Although small, Neum contains absolutely everything you need for a dream vacation – from beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, interesting attractions, great restaurants and taverns with amazing delicacies and wines, pharmacies, post offices, ambulances, various shops, beach bars, cafes to the event “Neum Summer”, which lasts for the entire season and guarantees you the perfect summer evenings filled with laughter, song and fun.


Budget-friendly destination

On the basis of all the foregoing, you may have already figured out why Neum is increasingly chosen as the perfect vacation destination.

Something that is also an additional convenience that other Adriatic towns can’t boast are the prices.

Unlike some coastal destinations with too high accommodation prices, In Neum apartments, you can stay for almost half a smaller amount.

Beside cheap accommodation, prices of food and drinks in restaurants are also a bit more favorable. So if you want to go on summer vacation with your family, and don’t want to spend too much money on it, pack your suitcases and go to  – Neum!


Only an hour’s drive to Dubrovnik

People often said that Neum is located in the heart of the largest tourist destinations – Dubrovnik, Split, Korčula, Mostar and Međugorje.

So you can get from Neum to Dubrovnik for an hour drive, which is good enough reason for the planning trip to beautiful Dubrovnik, isn’t it?

If you came to Neum for the first time, and you don’t like to drive in an unknown part of the world or you may not have a car, let us organize your trip!

We would like to offer our guests a totally carefree vacation in which they will be able to enjoy the maximum, and for this reason we are doing transfers and organizing trips to the unique Dubrovnik which we think everyone should visit and experience.

We also offer excursions as transfers directly from Čilipi airport to Dubrovnik and vice versa.


Why you should visit Dubrovnik ? 

Most people will agree that Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean, and even by reading the further text it will be absolutely clear to you why.

Although it is difficult to describe all the beauties of Dubrovnik by words, we decided to point out some of the most beautiful places and attractions in Dubrovnik.

So let’s go.


Impressive Dubrovnik sights

While in the past they served as the main city shield from the attackers, today the city walls are one of the largest and most famous landmarks in Dubrovnik.

They are about two kilometers long and the main key to the defense of the city had towers and fortifications inside the walls – the Bokar and Minčeta towers, the Revelin fortress and the fortress of St. Ivan. You just can’t leave Dubrovnik if you don’t take a walk through these special City Walls.

You will also fall in love with Stradun’s walk, which many people in Dubrovnik often call the “the vein of the city”. The main city promenade is also the “stage” of numerous artists, entertainers and craftsmen who, through their performances, show how Dubrovnik looked in the past.

Visit the Sponza Palace, Prince’s Palace, The Church of st. Vlaho, Orland’s Pillar, Fort Lovrijenac, Great Onofrio’s Fountains and Orsula Park, and if you have enough time, you should definitely visit Mount Srđ from where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting panorama.


Beautiful beaches

In addition to cultural and historical sights, Dubrovnik boasts many natural beauties, so you can refresh yourself in the crystal clear sea of beautiful sandy, pebble and concrete beaches.

Enjoy the shade of pine trees or treat yourself to a sweet cocktail on one of the many Dubrovnik beaches. One of the most popular is the main city beach Banje, which at night becomes the center of the party, which is why it is a favorite among the younger population. For families with children and people with disabilities, Copacabana is the ideal beach, and in Lapad bay, there are a lot of smaller beaches with a lot of fun facilities, restaurants and cafe bars.


Dubrovnik as King’s Landing

Due to its unique medieval old core, many film producers have recognized Dubrovnik as the perfect location for movie and series filming.

One of the most popular series in Dubrovnik is undoubtedly the “Game of Thrones” in which Dubrovnik gets the role of King’s Landing.

Fans come from all over the world, and there are even “Game of Thrones” tours organized, so visitors can see and experience all the locations from this megapopular serie.



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