Cave Vjetrenica – an exotic nature near Neum

Cave Vjetrenica – an exotic nature near Neum

Near the unique tourist town of Neum, in the western part of Popovo polje, there is a subterranean gem of Herzegovina – the Vjetrenica cave.

The largest, most respected and famous cave of Bosnia and Herzegovina with its long tunnels and impressive halls leaves every visitor breathless.

This is a true underground phenomenon and it is witnessed by the fact that curious visitors come from all over the world to see this truly specific protected monument of nature.


Mysterious Vjetrenica

Already at the entrance to the cave, you will realize that here starts a magical story. The tourist trail is about 1800 meters long and consists of calcite lakes, canals, coves and beautiful halls. Each hall has something special, specific and different, so dedicate enough time and attention to each of them.

You will probably have to have a little bit stoop for the first two hundred meters since the ceiling is lower than the height of the average man, but don’t worry, the path is quickly evolving into a spacious path.

After exploring the relief and beauty of the „Prva dvorana“ (First Hall), head to the „Prostrana dvorana“ (Spacious Hall)  where the Vilino Gumno is located, then come into the „Rogljasta dvorana“  and at the end you will be thrilled by the cave decorations of „Duboka“ and „Cvijićeva Dvorana“.

However, the most interesting one, which is also the symbol of the cave, is the „Zlatna dvorana“ (Golden Hall), which is for a reason called – the most beautiful part of the cave.

It’s 45 meters long and if you’re wondering why is called “golden” , everything will be clear, if you look to the floor.  Well, the ground of this hall is adorned with the special stone that create a glow, light and mystical atmosphere in these dark, underground depths.


Speleological wealth

Various speleological specialties have influenced to the magic of the cave in whose beauty we can enjoy today. The richness of the hydrographic world, which includes many lakes, streams and waterfalls, as well as flowstones, a powerful wind at the entrance and nearly 200 different animal species, together made this southeastern Herzegovinian pearl.

Many of these animals are endemic species, and one of the most interesting, whose life can last up to 100 years is an olm or a „human fish“. This amphibian who can’t see you but can hear you well is one of the main living beings in the cave.

Thanks to all this, Vjetrenica has been protected as a cultural monument since 1952. It was included in the category of special geological reserves in 1965 and was deserved to take its place on the UNESCO list of protected areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Perfect refreshment in hot summer days

Would you like to enrich the summer day with some good excursion, but unbearable heat refuses you from this idea, then Vjetrenica is an ideal solution!

And while everything “burns” at + 40 ° C outside, in the interior of the cave, there is a pleasant 11 ° C. Also, at the entrance of the cave, almost always wind blows here. It’s not hard to find out why cave has a name like this, right? („vjetar“ means wind)


House of fairies and „haiduks“

There are various legends about fairies and „haiduks“ in Vjetrenica cave. Legend says that the fairies were very beautiful and with their song they kept the young men (haiduks) inside the cave.

The legend also says that the young men were not allowed to tell anyone what they were doing inside.

For this reason, during a tourist visit, in the „Prostrana dvorana“ (Spacious Hall)  stands a beautiful girl dressed in a dress of the fairy and sings beautiful songs. Thus, visitors have a chance to experience the legend in reality.

There is also a Table of „haiduks“ in the cave, where, according to the legend, young men were hiding.


Turkish cemetery

If you go to the Main Channel, you will reach the Turkish cemetery, another truly fascinating and impressive cave attraction.

It is a group of stalagmites that are designed to look just like Muslim tombstones.


Stay in nearby accommodation facilities

Vjetrenica Cave is located in Ravno, the smallest town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you won’t be able to find a large offer of accommodation facilities here.

But since Ravno is only fifteen kilometers away from the Adriatic Sea, favorable accommodation prices can also be found in coastal Neum town from which you only have an hour’s drive.

Dubrovnik is also only one hour drive away, so if you are spending your vacation here, then Vjetrenica Cave must be on the list of things you have to do before going home.


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